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Guangzhou International Finance Center
Talee Star Place
Talee Star Place is Taiwan first design of UN Studio . The splendid and impressive LED wall attracts numerous people, the various changing lights and shades presents an extremely different vision effect on the exterior of the construction, which is now the new landmark of Kaohsiung city.
Xinbei Bridge
Xinbei Bridge is the first new landmark awarded by landscape lighting. Bridge tower extends 135.7 meters into skyline, only secondary to Taipei 101 and Shin Kong Life Tower, Xinbei Bridge becomes the third highest landmark in Taipei.
144 Modular Street Lights Installed in China
A city street in China recently installed 144 modularized LED
street lights from Taiwan’s Alliance Optotek Corporation (WIESON), marking the first project using AOP’S new energy-saving ARTEMIS street light series.
Kinmen Zhaishan Tunnel
Thanks to LED lighting colorful performance which can transform the firm and brutal military fort into a soft and intimate cultural memorial site.
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